Still Procrastinating? Read this

3 min readApr 21, 2022


Hey there, do you find yourself putting off important tasks? Then this blog is for you

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Procrastination refers to the avoidance and delaying of a planned task.

Why do we procrastinate?

  • We mostly procrastinate on tasks that we find unpleasant.
  • We use procrastination as a short-term way to repair our mood.
  • When people are in a bad mood, they are more likely to procrastinate, they think it will make them feel better.

Psychology behind procrastination

When we procrastinate, parts of our brain actually think that the tasks we’re putting off and the accompanying negative feelings that await us on another side.

Cures / Anti-procrastination statergies:

  • Forgive yourself for procrastinating in past
  • Aim to “Eat that frog”(most important task) first, every day!
  • Commit to the task
  • Promise yourself a reward
  • Ask someone to check up on you
  • Minimize distractions

Now, here are the types of procrastinators and the solutions for them:

  1. The Performer
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Excuse: “I work well under pressure”

Biggest Challenge: Getting Started

Solution: Flip the script and set a start date. When you focus on when you’re going to begin a task and not when you hope to end it — you’ll take a tremendous amount of pressure off of yourself

2. The Self-Deprecator

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Excuse: “I am so lazy right now”

Biggest Challenge: Taking a break. We already know you are going to say you don’t have time to rest

Solution: Recharge. Try taking a walk to give yourself space and rebuild your energy

3. The Over-booker

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Excuse: “I am so busy”

Biggest Challenge: Creating chaos to avoid facing what you know, you need to face right now

Solution: Take a moment of introspection. Ask yourself what and why am I really avoiding?

4. The Novelty seeker

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Excuse: “I just had the best idea”

Biggest Challenge: Completion

Solution: Make it stick. Literally, write down new ideas on a sticky note — but don’t pursue them until you finish what you are currently working on

Being confident, peaceful, and motivated is a must for overcoming procrastination.

To make your mind relax and peaceful:

Excuse: “I don’t have time”

Biggest Challenge: Not finding a peaceful environment

Solution: Relaxfrens is a platform that creates a calming and peaceful environment where you have the option of customizing sounds of your own choice. By listening to nature sounds get your work/study/tasks done.

“My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!”
Charles Dickens