Know about White Noises

Eliminate unwanted sounds for better sleep!

How white noise can help you sleep more at night?

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What is white noise?

White noise is created by the combination of all the different frequencies of sound. It’s like 20,000 tones playing at the same time. Because it contains so many frequencies, it masks other sounds.

Eliminate unwanted sounds for better sleep.

You are in bed. You are ready to sleep. You hear noises outside. The voice is very muffled, but you can’t help but listen. Then the furnace starts up. Now you’re wondering if you should turn it down a bit. Congratulations, you are now more awake.

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The science of sleep with white noise

There is growing scientific evidence that white noise is a non-pharmacological complementary treatment for insomnia. It has been shown to promote sleep in infants and adults. For people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and acute stress disorder, white noise can be used as a simple, safe, and cost-effective alternative to medicine in some cases.

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White noise, relaxing music in nature.

Many people find the sounds of oceans, rivers, waterfalls and rain to be relaxing and calming. Now, science shows that these sounds can physically alter our minds and bodies.

Wind Storm Ambience

Listen to White Noise on RelaxFrens

There are many ways to experience white noise on Relaxfrens. Choose from relaxing natural sounds or sleep-inducing fans , air conditioners , and white noise Application we’ve created .

RelaxFrens Application Interface

This white noise Application is very useful!

Being in a noisy work environment: This Application can help reduce the chance of tinnitus or symptoms of tinnitus because these sounds can help mask other sounds.
Sleep: This Application also block outside noise, such as street noise or room noise.
Tinnitus: White noise helps mask the internal tinnitus you hear.
Experience all of our relaxing white noise and nature sounds by RelaxFrens.
enjoy it!

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RelaxFrens is an app to help you meditate using relaxing sounds.

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