Avoid these 2 steps to be happy in your Life

3 min readApr 21, 2022


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I am going to describe the 2 key steps to avoid so that you could be cheerful in your life. And also 2 bonus points ‘not to avoid’ to be happy in your life.

1. Caring too much for people who don’t value you.

Before I expand on this point, Let’s understand which group of people I am talking about, These people are kind of selfish or those which our parents kept thinking about before doing anything(these people are imaginary and never existed in your life).

Sometimes, we actually care about people so much that we forget about ourselves. Let me give you an Example, Being with people at their difficult times, but them, not including you in their finest time or in their celebration time.

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2. Thinking too much about certain things or failures.

If we think so much about certain things in life, then it’s simple, we won’t be able to progress in our life, we would stop growing, which should never be an option.

Don’t stop, keep moving and progressing in your lives.

In conclusion, Anything in your life that is too much can spoil your happiness, so avoid it . And it’s not like you don’t have to care about people or think about your failures, Do it but in the right proportion, or else it will have negative effects on your life.

Bonus points for the readers, Caution: Don’t avoid these points,

1. Take care of yourselves.

You are one of the finest creations of the Almighty, don’t let yourself down, take care of your well-being.

Start your day by telling yourselves, “I am the best.”

End your day by thanking God.

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2. Take some time out for yourself.

In a busy schedule, do take some time to relax, to calm your mind.

This “Me Time” can excel your remaining hours of the day. In this “Me Time” you could do something that relaxes your mind, maybe some calming music, leave this job to RelaxFrens, this website contains a series of soothing sounds that tends to calm your mind.

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To conclude, never avoid these 2 points to be in the right state of mind and to be happy.

Writer ~ Feza Fatima

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